Custom design die casting tool for medium and high-volume manufacturing Premium Parts offers a complete range of high-grade pressure die casting services for low-volume and mass production of metal parts. Our services accommodate varying applications, including part casting, mold tool making, post-production machining, and finishing services that complete your parts. Our die casting solutions can work with a range of metal alloys to ensure that your project is well-tailored to your desired end uses. We make parts with excellent dimensional accuracy, tight tolerances, and thin walls, where specified. From aluminum to magnesium and zinc, our casting machines, along with durable, detail-arresting molds, are our unique value propositions that ensure that we deliver parts of the highest standards and quality. At Premium Parts, we can use our die casting services to lower the cost per unit part. We can make steel molds through rapid tooling to accommodate budgetary constraints when dealing with low-volume production runs. From wet painting and powder coating to polishing and anodizing, and more, our premium finishing solutions will augment your parts' overall appearance and cosmetics.

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