• Q1: How to get a quote?
  • A:

    Simply complete the quote through our link (https://www.premiumparts.com/request-a-quote_d13). Input all the relevant information, follow the tips to submit your files and describe the job. After getting a reactive page of successful submission, the whole process is done.

  • Q2: What formats of the files can Premium Parts accept?
  • A:

    We can accept most of the 3D file formats like SolidWorks (.sldprt)/ ProE(.prt) / IGES(.igs) / STEP (.stp) / Parasolid (.x_t)/.stl. We can also use 2D drawing (.pdf) for quote against the parts with simple structure. All the other files formats are not listed above but can be read in SolidWorks/ProE/UG will be also fine for us.

  • Q3: How long can I expect to receive a quote?
  • A: We can generally quote you back within 24 hours in most cases. Depending on the complexity of the project, we ensure to send you a competitive quote no exceed 48 hours.
  • Q4: Can I state to supply my own materials for quote and production?
  • A: Yes, we allow all of our clients to supply their own materials for quote and production if needed. However, we have to validate the quality of these materials against the desired end-use and integrate it into the manufacturing process to produce excellent parts as required.
  • Q5: Are lead times in calendar days or working days
  • A: Our lead times will be being quoted in calendar days.
  • Q6: Can I require a breakdown including the material cost and expected machined time of the parts?
  • A: We don’t generally provide the breakdown list like this. But we can provide it to you after discussion if really necessary.
  • Q7: How to place the order?
  • A: New customers will require cash in advance before starting the job. For customers with setting up the term with Premium Parts, we can accept the PO to start.
  • Q8: Do you offer the expedited services?
  • A: We don't offer the expedited services as we generally give the quote to our clients within a fairly fast lead time we can provide. Please consult us on how quickly we can finish your urgent job without an occurring expedited fee.
  • Q9: Can I cancel my order during the production
  • A: Yes, you can do so. But customers will need to pay the cost for the work we have done. Premium Parts can provide photos to prove it.
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