Low volume, high-quality extreded aluminium parts in 10 days or less

The process is employed in the shaping of aluminium materials by pushing the aluminium billet through a steel die already shaped to the style of the desired production part. The emerging aluminium extruded part will have a uniform cross section that shares the profile of the die and matches the specifications of the project.

The Aluminium Extrusion Process

aluminum extrusion
aluminum extruded production

The Aluminium Extrusion process at Premium Part is very dynamic and versatile. In a bid to deliver the best services and production parts to our customers, we ensure that we optimize our extrusion process to match the specifics and desired outputs from the process.

  • AGenerally, the process begins with the designing of the die shape and its creation. After this is complete, the next process is the heating of the billet (aluminium alloy) to around 750F or 925F depending on the type of alloy. This is done to soften the aluminium.
  • The heated billet is then transferred to the loader where a lubricant is added to prevent the aluminium from smearing the extru sion machine.
  • Pressure is then applied to the billet to push it into a container and force it through the die opening.
  • Next, nitrogen gas is applied to create an inert atmosphere and prevent oxide formation.
  • The extruded part, now formed to the same profile and cross section of the die is then cooled .
  • The aluminium extruded is cut and hardened. Any subsequent adjustment and treatment is done here. Post-extrusion finishing relating to texture, brightness or colour then follows.

Why choose Aluminium Extrusion Services from Premium Part?

  • • Top quality Aluminium alloys and billets
  • • Highly repeatable and consistent process
  • • Production parts with excellent strength to weight ratio
  • • Low-volume manufacturing and small batch production
  • • Superior post-extrusion and finishing services 
  • • Custom Aluminium Extrusion Services
  • • In-house capacities and capabilities

Common Industrial capabilities and Applications

  • • Automotive
  • • Aerospace
  • • Transportation
  • • Freight and Construction
  • • Medical devices
  • • Electrical appliances and Consumer electronics
  • • Heatsinks
  • • Chipsets and boards

Premium Parts Custom Aluminium Extrusions

custom defined cross sectional profile aluminum alloy extrusion

Aluminium Extrusion is one of the exhaustive services provided at Premium Part. We offer custom aluminium extrusion services tailored to match the specific needs of the designer and project. Our process is optimized to minimize material waste and optimize the production of high quality aluminium extrusions possible.

From the simplest, basic shapes to complex geometries that demand tight tolerances, our aluminium extrusion process offers solutions for producing products and parts with definitive cross section profile.

The custom aluminium extrusion process begins with material grade selection, design conclusion, assembly protocols, functionality checks and post-production finishing, all of which make it very suitable for low-volume manufacturing and rapid prototyping that require quick turnaround.

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