Custom design die casting tool for medium and high-volume manufacturing

Pressure die casting service involves injection of molten metal into a mold cavity or steel die to produce strong, functional and trustworthy parts of your design. The process is similar to injection molding, and is a guaranteed method of producing average to substantial volumes of metal parts. Premium Part employs the use of state-of-the-art machines and high-quality pressure casting dies to produce parts with excellent surface finish, tight tolerances and inch-perfect dimensional precision.

With varied and extensive experience in die casting, our process is dynamic, effective and cost-optimal. Choose from zinc, aluminium, magnesium to accommodate your material, end-use and volume needs.

The Pressure Die Casting Process

Die casting tooling

Our pressure die casting process basically consists of 7 steps. Die cast parts are manufactured in steel molds similar to the ones used in injection molding under high pressure and cooled to set into the shape of the casting. Our premium die casting manufacturing process can be summarized as follows:

• Clamping

Here, the dies are cleaned and lubricated. The die halves are then closed and clamped under high pressure.

• Injection

During the injection phase, the molten metal is injected and forced into the clamped die under extremely high pressure. The molten metal is kept in the die until it solidifies.

• Cooling

The molten metal which is now in the die is then cooled. This process is important to allow the solidification of the metal. The cooled metal fully forms the part and takes the shape of the casting.

• Ejection

Once the metal has cooled, the ejection process begins. Here, the die halves are unclamped and the solidified part is pushed out of the die.

• Trimming

This process is a pre-finishing process that ensures the removal of excess metals in the sprue and runner along with any splash or metal debris. These extra materials are removed from the final die-casted product to ensure cleanliness, dimensional and physical accuracy.

• Recycling

At Premium part, we strive to optimize material utility. After trimming of extra material from the runner and sprue, we reprocess these materials for the next set of die-casting process to ensure higher product yield from material input.

• Finishing service

After completing the die-casting process, we offer high quality finishing services ranging from polishing, plating, painting, sandblasting and powder coating.

Why use our Die Casting Services?

  • • Relatively lower cost compared to other processes
  • • Mold tools can be used to produce tens of thousands of parts before replacement
  • • Excellent surface finish and dimensional accuracy
  • • Achieve durable and dimensionally stable complex geometries for small and large metal parts with little or no need for post die-casting machining
  • • Faster turnaround for medium or large production parts
  • • Stronger parts with more temperature and pressure resistance
  • • Precision production for design needs with tighter tolerances
  • • Custom finish options that allows for the production of smooth or textured parts

We also offer a variety of colour and plating finishes that can improve cosmetic performance or corrosion resistance.

Premium Part Pressure Die Casting Service

aluminum casting

At Premium Part, our engineering and design specialists are ready to partner with you and deliver high-quality production parts in as fast as 15 days. Contact us for all your die-casting need from design optimization to raw material selection. Our quality control and assurance guarantees the quality of your raw materials and finished products against the toughest quality standards.

You can send us your CAD files for free and let us proceed to give you the best pricing for our array of services.

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