Custom design plastic injection molding for your needs

Our Plastic Injection Molding technique is a highly efficient and grossly scalable process that produces high-quality custom prototypes and production-grade parts.

At Premium Part, we take special care in optimizing our injection molding process across diverse material and end-use applications in order to deliver amazing parts that is stable, tailored-to-specifications and cost-efficient.

Injection Molding | How it works

Injected PC housings

Plastic Injection Molding has seen diverse patronage across a wide array of industries. The versatility of the process helps to produce large volumes of production-grade plastic parts ready to serve Industrial, commercial and private uses.

Injection molding basically involves the infusion of molten resin into a metal die cavity under high pressure. The resin is then rapidly cooled to lower the temperature and aid the formation of a solid shape that fits the shape of the die.

The process may range from seconds to days or even weeks depending on the material, part size and design complexity

Material selection range

• Material selection range

Choose from thousands of plastic materials all available from a guaranteed quality source.

• Low-volume production, high speed delivery

Expedite your high-grade production parts from volumes as low as 10 with extra fast deliveries.

• Stability and consistency

Plastic injection molding is known to deliver consistent quality across manufactured parts.

• Tool life span

Use and re-use your tool parts for thousands and millions of re-run cycles.

• Excellent surface quality

Avail yourself with our state-of-the-art machining capabilities that cover both quality and quantity needs. At Premium parts, we employ only the best solutions that are highly scalable and repeatable to deliver consistent quality all round your design project

• Single supplier

Get high quality products with excellent surface quality for customized finishing.

• Production Tooling

From 10k units and up, our production tooling services is perfect for high-volume production parts including steel and multi-cavity tooling.

Premium Part Plastic Injection Molding Services

Molded covers
Molded car lens

Take advantage of our professional injection molding services and produce top-tier quality parts that match your specification and production needs. Our injection molded parts are hand-vetted and built to last. Here are some other reasons why we are your one-stop plastic injection molding service provider in China:

• High Quality Parts

Experienced operator with strict adherence with design, model and production specifications. All our parts are subject to a stringent in-house quality control service that ensures that we deliver only the best.

• Experience and Expertise

With over thousands projects completed amounting to million parts manufactured, our team is budding with experts and experience in both USA and Europe manufacturing markets.

• Secure and Private

We place special emphasis on maintaining the highest confidentiality and protect our customers designs and concepts. This is why we have ultra-secure file transfer and storage capabilities. Our in-house capacities also mean that all phases of your project are ran under the same roof or with our vetted local and overseas business partners.

• Scalability and Precision

Enjoy concurrent product quality across all production scales from 250 to 10,000+ parts.

• Rapid turnaround

Leveraging our network of resources will see us produce top tier, production-grade molded parts in 10 days or earlier.

• Cost and Efficiency

When running higher volumes, our cost-efficient injection molding process delivers less waste and lower price per part, giving you the ability to scale up your profit and minimize losses.

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