Simplified and shorter lead time rapid tooling to deliver low to mid volume production parts for cost reduction and capability repeatability

Rapid tooling is a rapid prototyping technique that is largely used in the place of conventional tooling to produce functional molds for lower costs and shorter lead times. This method of manufacturing combines rapid prototyping techniques with digital tenacity of electronic CAD data files to produce a mold instead of a part. Molds produced with rapid tooling services can then be used in any molding process to manufacture multiple copies of a part.

Rapid Tooling at Premium Parts

Rapid tooling

Premium Part offers super-efficient and affordable rapid tooling services for the production of high-quality hardened steel and aluminium prototype tooling. Our services cut across both low-volume, bridge and mass production units that guarantees the delivery of production molds and parts in a variety of finish. Our services strongly emphasize the need for perfection, ensuring that design for manufacturability (DFM) is embodied in tailor-making your molds to specification.

What use our Rapid Tooling Services?

  • • Multi-process approach
  • • Efficiency ratio
  • • Excellent detailing and accuracy
  • • Competitive rates
  • • Low and high-volume manufacturing options
  • • High-strength molds and parts
  • • Finishing variety

Advantages of Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling holds many advantages over the conventional tooling process. Some of the most important merits of employing rapid tooling includes:

• Shorter lead times

Reduce the normal time for tooling from weeks to days.

• Low cost

Offers a cost-effective approach for creation of complex geometry molds that would not be attainable with conventional tooling .

• Direct production from CAD data files

Ensure higher accuracy with direct production from digital CAD data files.

• Automation

Produce an endless array of tools with automated processes that require little or no human interaction from start to finish.

• Error-free

By building the tool from the direct master pattern, human error that could arise in conventional tooling is greatly avoided.

• Speed

One swift operation that cuts away time-consuming techniques to deliver high-quality molds in appreciable time frame.

• Design possibilities

Innovate with freedom and without restriction to bring complex shapes and pattern to live with digital capabilities integrated into the rapid tooling process.

Premium Parts Rapid Tooling Services

Tooling EDM

The need for rapid tooling services is greatly emphasized by the fact-paced innovation in the manufacturing industry. As product needs across industries begin to expand, the need for quick production solutions that shortens the cycle from idea to mass production is understandably on the rise. At Premium part, we offer rapid tooling services that meet industry standards across various lines of industrial applications. We provide extensive material options to deliver highly durable parts along with a variety finish preferences to perfect your product.

Our design for manufacturability approach cuts through several tedious trial and error processes, using CAD data to capture and produce the best quality parts that are functional, tailor-made to specifications.

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