Custom and precision sheet matal prototyes and low-volume parts in 5-7 days

Sheet metal fabrication is a meticulous manufacturing that is used in transforming ordinary, flat metal sheets into full scale production-grade functional parts. The process starts with a thin sheet of metal which is then fabricated into simple and complex parts using any single process or a combination of techniques including milling, laser cutting, welding, forming, stamping, bending, punching, cutting and much more into desired specifications. Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication is in high demand across various industries because of a number of reasons. Sheet metal parts are affordable, scalable and provide a decent range of material selection.

Sheet Metal Fabrication in Premium Part

Laser cut sheet

At Premium Part, Sheet metal fabrication solutions exist for the creation of a non-exhaustive possibilities in production part. Our processes are ideal for all functional prototyping needs or as end-use parts after post-fabrication finishing and treatment that make them plug-and-play ready. We employ a number of processes in our sheet metal fabrication. Our processes can be categorized into:

flow forming
sheet metal case
  • • Material Deformation
  • • Bending
  • • Stamping
  • • Spinning
  • • Material Forming/Assembly
  • • Assembly
  • • Welding
  • • Roll forming
  • • Material Removal
  • • Laser cutting
  • • Punching
  • • Blanking

Here’s why to choose Premium Part’s sheet metal fabrication services?

• Material specifications

Choose between Aluminium, copper, steel, zinc and stainless-steel sheet metal options

• Durability

Sheet metal parts are highly durable for direct end-use application or prototyping needs

• Finishing and Post-fabrication options

Choose from a decent array of finishing to deliver visual excellence, extra strength, protection or varying textures with bead blasting, anodizing, painting or powder coating

• Quick turnaround

Receive fully functional end-use parts and prototypes in as fast as 7 days

• Scalability

Enjoy a cost-efficient approach that delivers low prices for large volumes

• Production Components

Avail yourself of the numerous in-house designed inserts that will speed and improve your sheet metal fabrication

Applications of CNC Machining

  • • Body Panels
  • • Automotive
  • • Automobile
  • • Electrical appliances and Consumer electronics
  • • Office equipment
  • • Chipsets and boards
  • • MRI Scanners
  • • Chassis
  • • Fuselages
  • • Culinary and Cutlery equipment
  • • Office equipment
  • • Chipsets and boards
  • • Sinks and counters
  • • Surgical implants

Looking for high quality Sheet Metal Services?

Premium Part is your one-stop service provider for all sheet metal fabrication needs. From basic manufacturing to post-fabrication and finishing, we have got you covered. We offer many procedures including sheet metal stamping, cutting, rolling, bending, rolling, laser cutting, assembly, plating, powder coating, riveting, welding, silk screening, painting and more.

We have infinite production capacity that never fails to deliver on time. From 1 to 1000 parts, our sheet metal fabrication services are structured to deliver production-grade prototype and functional end-use parts with quick turnaround!

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