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What is Urethane Casting

Urethane casted parts

Urethane casting is a molding technique that uses silicone molds and urethane to form high-quality production-grade parts. The process is also known as cast urethane, silicone molding or RTV molding. Urethane casting is an excellent production technique that can help deliver production parts without the high overheads associated with traditional manufacturing with a speedier turnaround

• Low-volume manufacturing, production-grade quality

At Premium Part, our cast urethane service is fast, affordable and suitable for production of 20-100 units at production quality grades. Our capacity has been designed such that each silicone mold is capable of delivering 20 castings without compromising quality on even the smallest demand quantities.

• Complex elastomeric parts and geometry

Our urethane castings are ideal for prototyping and producing complex parts with varying rigidity and elastomeric memory even under high temperatures, pressure and tensile strength.

• Flawless detailing and precision manufacturing

Bring even the most complex designs to life and smash the limits of CNC machining with cast urethane parts that detail design to perfection. Produce cast urethane parts with unimaginable complexity beyond the capacity of injection molding.

Urethane Casting Materials

Choose between multiple material types to find the best-fit solution for your production parts

• ABS-grade

ABS-like material that can be used for a general-purpose urethane casting. This material grade is similar to the ABS thermoplastic and excellent for hardware inserts and enclosures. ABS-grade materials boast of excellent impact and chemical resistance, excellent low and high temperature performance, structural strength and ease of finish application.

• Acrylic-like

These materials are transparent, stiff and similar to PMMA acrylic. They serve for the production of parts that require some element of see-though such as light pipes, safety screens, automotive rear-light clustering, baths, dental fittings and more. Acrylic-like urethane cast materials have outstanding surface hardness, may be scratch-proof and has unlimited colouring and finishing potential.

• Elastomers or PU rubber

We also offer elastomer materials that are similar and rubber-like. These elastomers may resemble TPU, TPE rubber-like and silicone rubber materials that are great for wearables, overmolds, gaskets and more. They have excellent abrasion resistance and insulating properties and their versatility allows them to be tailored for some of the most demanding markets and industrial sectors.

Finishing and Quality control

Urethane casted caps

Choose amongst a wide array of finishes and treatment options after production of your urethane casting parts. Premium Parts provides standard colour and finishes that involves the addition of pigment to the urethane before casting or the use of pantone code colour swatches for precise colour matches. We also deliver custom finishes that allows you to customize the texture by painting the mold before production or by texture-painting the finished parts.

Basic Applications

Premium Parts urethane casting may be employed across several industries to serve many diverse functions including:

  • • Rapid prototyping
  • • Low-volume manufacturing
  • • Consumer testing and user evaluation parts
  • • Concept model
  • • Bridge tooling
  • • zroduction of end-use parts

Premium Part Urethane Casting

Urethane casted covers

Looking for production quality cast urethane parts in China? Our industrial urethane casting process is specialized for mass production and low-volume demands with high precision and repeatability. At Premium Parts, we have optimized our urethane casting to work across a wide array of industries, delivering functional prototypes and complex designs that are market-ready in as fast as 5 days.

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