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Premium Parts serves custom come first as our ultimate goal, we value customer as our first priority and provide custom service to all your needs.

We strive to provide every client with a rapid manufacturing process that will yield premium, functional parts through the most cost-effective approach. We ensure customers receive, accurate, fast, on time, sufficient support and services.

Premium Parts specializes in CNC prototyping and other machining production services. Our array of services include CNC machining, sheet metal, cast urethane, extrusion, rapid tooling, plastic injection molding, die casting, 3D Printing and various post-machining surface finish. We serve a variety of industries including but not limited to automotive, aerospace, consumer products, lighting and electronics.

We boast of a diverse team with a wealth of experience in a variety of fields. Our services are well-grounded across international regions, local and foreign client bases. We also ensure that we offer affordable pricing, quick turnaround, faster lead-times, quality control, shipping and delivery options for both local and international customers.

We are located in Guangdong, China which is one of the most centralized industry development area which could provide us sufficient supply chain support and ensure a quick international turnaround.

Our Vission

Become a top manufacturing service provider in Asia, leading through innovation and adoption of next-wave technologies that make all our clients stay ahead of the curve

Our Mission

Ensure customers receive, accurate, fast, on time, sufficient support and services

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Our Happy Clients

Prototool's team was super attentive to details and made the process near effortless throughout. Great results- excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Kris Johnson

The service at RapidDirect is phenomenal and Cherry has assisted us with great patience and understanding. Great service as well as the product itself exactly what we asked for and works amazingly. Especially considering thesmall details we were requesting. Good looking produckt. Biorn Steinar Blumenstein -Product Designer at Plasplan.

William Valles

Prototool is fantastic! They regularly deliver outstanding machined parts for our clients on extremely aggressive schedules. They are our first call for all our metal prototyping projects.

Amanda Harold

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