Excellent multi-way post machining surface finishing to ensure your special needs for appearance, mechanical, thermal, electrical, etc. functional needs

Enhance the overall quality of your parts with our high range of finishing services from Premium Parts. Our breadth of finishing services is designed to improve your part's beauty, cosmetic appearance, and overall aesthetics. From plastic to metal, our finishing solutions can help protect your parts' surface texture and improve the functionality and ergonomics of your products for their everyday applications. Explore our different standard and customizable finishing services available to all our clients to augment your 3D-printed, die-casted, injection-molded, sheet metal, vacuum-casted, and aluminum-extruded parts.

What is Surface Finishing

Finishing services is the umbrella term to describe the different processes we use to alter a product’s surface texture, appearance, durability, and functionality. At Premium Parts, we fully comprehend the importance of excellence in product finishes. From techniques used to deliver visual appeal and aesthetics such as painting and plating, to those related to other industrial attributes such as surface adherence, resistance to corrosion, shininess, conductivity, and hardness, our finishing services are well diversified to accommodate all of your production needs.

Hard Chrome Plating CNC turned parts with chrome plating

Premium Parts Finishing Services

Premium Parts offers surface finishing options for all types of material parts and components. Our finishing options will handle all kinds of parts regardless of whether you have produced them at our facilities or elsewhere. At Premium Parts, the following services are available to finish your parts:
Painting may be considered fundamental, but remains one of the best ways to deliver visual appeal. At Premium Parts, we offer high-quality spray painting, wet coating, and powder coating over a wide array of colors, palettes, and finishes. With only the finest, automotive-quality paints, we provide custom paint options that will remain uniform across all your parts till the end of their lifespan. Choose between matte to semi-glossy, flat or glossy, satin, smooth or textured finishes, and be rest assured of a professional paint job that will crown the beauty of your product.
Sanding and Polishing
Get shiny, reflective, and mirror-like appearances by polishing your metal with sandpapers of varying degrees of smoothness. At Premium Parts, we use a systemic process that enables us to have the perfect, high-decorative finish using different grains of diamond paste and sandpaper.
Anodizing your parts will not only deliver visual effects but improve corrosion resistance. Anodizing also reduces wear and tear, promote heat dissipation, and improve surface hardness. We can do both type II and type III anodizing processes on aluminum parts to meet your requirement. They may be used in conjunction with dyes and tints to deliver various visual aesthetics that make your parts look and feel premium. Anodizing is more prevalent in electronics and is one of the most popular methods that smartphone giant Apple uses in over 80 percent of her products.
Media Blasting
This process involves using abrasive media sprayed with utmost accuracy and control to clean and deburr your part. Blasting is excellent for imprinting unique and custom textures and can be done with various media like sand, glass, beads, and more.
Laser Etching
Mark your custom parts and etch logos, graphics, and texts on your product. Premium Part offers several ways to etch and engrave logos, inscriptions, trademarks, and more on your part without ruining the surface appearance. Our techniques will achieve precision and make permanent markings that will never fade, helping your customers remember your brand and promise of quality.
This is the application of a unique paint film that allows the formation of a hard, adhesive, and corrosion-resistant surface. At premium Parts, we offer electrophoresis to deliver many desired effects—these range from surface protection, discoloration resistance, anti-corrosion performance, and more.
Tinting is excellent for coloring PMMA plastic prototypes and end-parts in automotive applications such as taillights and turn signals.
Improve part functionality and application with a range of texturing techniques that enhance interaction and ergonomics with your part. Choose from improved abrasion-resistance to surface roughness for grip and grab applications.
We offer metal plating solutions to protect, strengthen, and decorate the surface of your parts. Our current range of metal plating solutions includes chrome plating, nickel (electroless and electrolytic) plating, tin plating, and zinc plating.
Vapor Polishing
Widely used for clear Polycarbonate to making parts to be transparent and high glossy.
Premium Parts can mark and print on your parts using techniques like silk screening, pad printing, and laser marking. Our laser engraving is used for making permanent marks on plastic and metal parts.

What Are The Benefits of Surface Finishing for your Parts?

Improved Ergonomics
Surface finishing can improve the overall usability of your products. By introducing certain textures to the surface of your part, you can enhance its functionality and application. Our most common texturing operations are used to improve the handling and grip of end-use parts.

Strength and Hardness
Finishing options like plating, anodizing, and electrophoresis can improve the surface hardness and strength of finished parts.

Part Protection
Our finishing solutions can also protect your part’s surface from everyday wear and tear, abrasion, rust, and operational extremes. We use anodizing to increase the natural oxide layer on parts and make them anti-corrosion. Plating solutions can also help improve the lifespan of a part that is to be deployed in trying work environments.

Cosmetic Excellence

The basic essence of our surface finishing operations is to enhance your part’s cosmetic excellence and elaborate the beauty and aesthetics of your product. While parts can be left “as manufactured,” painting, coating, polishing, and blasting can help achieve superior cosmetics that increase the overall quality of prototypes and end parts.

aluminum wheel hub with powder coating PMMA High Polishing

Finishing Applications

At Premium Parts, our finishing services can be applied to general manufacturing, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and rapid tooling. We can finish just about any part that has been produced with injection molding, pressure die-casting, 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metals, vacuum casting, and aluminum extrusion.
Our finishing solutions can also serve parts manufactured for any of the following sectors:
Automotive and Aerospace
Consumer products
Electronics and semiconductors
Medical and dental
Energy and power

Why Premium Parts?

Premium Parts has a reputation for excellence in general manufacturing and finishing services. Our professions, the pool of experience, and quality control systems are a few reasons to work with us. Here’s why our finishing solutions are great for you:


Premium Parts offers customers flexibility around custom finishing. We offer parts finishing starting from one to thousands.

Competitive pricing

Affordable prices

All our services are optimized to deliver your parts at the best possible prices. We remain one of the most cost-competitive businesses, geared at lowering the overall cost-per-part for our clients to increase their business profitability.


One-stop shop
One-stop shop

Finishing is not all that we do. We host services like 3D printing, plastic injection molding, pressure die-casting, CNC machining, aluminum extrusion, vacuum casting from design to prototyping, pilot prototyping, and final part production.

End-use product quality

We have a standard quality control system that ensures that customer parts are made to specification and detail. From our color matching systems to hands-on inspection, we guarantee the quality, long-lasting finishing on your parts.


Request A Quote

Getting started with Premium Parts is easy and straight forward. Upload your file to our inquiry page and receive our quote within 24 hours. We shall evaluate your parts and the desired finish, suggest options, and other cost-saving measures where possible. Take advantage of our quality control systems and add beauty, functionality, and protection to your part’s surface. Go and get started your job now!

Finish Services RFQs

1. What color system do you use?
We use Pantone and RAL system for color matching.

2. Can you do Type II and Type III anodized finish on aluminum parts?
Yes, we can do both for aluminum components.

3. Can you offer the cert of finishing?
We can offer the cert for some of finishing like anodizing. Please check with your sales engineer for more details.

4. Can we offer our parts for part finishing?
We don’t recommend doing that. Since some of the finishes have a risk of scraping the units.

5. If I supply my part with a certain color of finishing for matching, can you make your part to be the same?
There would be a color aberration between parts if they are supplied from different suppliers. Anodizing and painting would be much better to get a very similar color.

6. What’s the thickest coating of type III anodizing you can apply on aluminum?
The thickest coating can up to 0.1mm if needed.

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