Other Metals

Other Metals

We also stock copper, bronze, magnesium, brass, and titanium for varying applications in electrical works, automotive and aerospace applications.

Magnesium has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is suitable for parts where strength is desired at the expense of weight. Brass has excellent electrical conductivity, low friction and a laudable cosmetic appearance.

Titanium plays a pivotal role in aerospace and automotive bodies, as well as orthopedic applications in the medical and dental industries. It is strong, corrosion-resistant, sterilizable and bio-compatible.

The material listed below are all good for CNC machining. Some materials like cooper can be also used for sheet metal forming.

Brass100338124805● Machinability
● Wear Resistance
● High Strength
● Chemical Resistance
Connector, Valve, Stem Bearing, Lockset, Horologe
Copper1154832218.3● Electrical Conductivity (Excellent)
● Thermal Conductivity (Excellent)
● Plasticity
● Corrosion Resistance
Electric Wire, Cable, Copper Electrode
Bronze110255828.7● Low Melting Point
● Stiffness
● Wear Resistance
● Corrosion Resistance
Appliances, Machined Components, Bearings, Gears
Magnesium45--1.8● Low Density
● Heat Dissipation
● Rigidity
Housings, Brackets, Aircraft, Chemical, Rockets
Zinc852852856.6● Easy For Casting (Excellent)
● Low Melting Point
● Good Mechanical Properties
● Wear Resistance
Toys, Lamps, Decorations, Electrical Appliances
Ti-6Al-4V (TC4)10510508274.5● Corrosion Resistance (Excellent)
● Low Density
● Strength (Excellent)
● Temperature Resistance
Compressors, Rocket, Missile, Aircraft
Tungsten124310-19● Stiffness (Excellent)
● High Melting Point
Filament, Mould, Machined Cutters, Optical Instruments, Chemical Instruments

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