Agriculture Industry

On-demand Manufacturing for the Agricultural Sector

Premium Parts is pushing the frontiers of agricultural innovation through creative collaboration with market leaders and a wide range of on-demand manufacturing solutions. Our service offerings allow us to deliver quick and effective solutions that augment commercial, mechanized, and smart agriculture.

From Seeds to Fields

Right from planting to harvesting, our services can be tailored to meet the agriculture industry’s specific needs. Through CNC machining services, 3D Printing, vacuum casting, rapid prototyping, and plastic injection molding, we aid leading brands with quick responses and rapid prototyping to eliminate bottlenecks, match the ever-changing climate, and manage the market and supply chain fluctuations. Our popular iterations have helped businesses to create solutions that serve the livestock, produce, and general machinery needs of the industry. From irrigation devices to drone-mounted innovations, Premium Parts’s rapid prototyping techniques are adept at driving and building agriculture-specific solutions that will help you avoid costly downtimes, increase production and yield, and get to the market ahead of your competition.

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Why Should You Work With Us?

• Custom, On-demand Solutions

From the cornrow and coffee fields to processing facilities, our range and capabilities for the agriculture industry mean that we can deliver an exciting breadth of on-demand solutions for every stage of your business. Our experience across other sectors like automotive, aerospace, medical, and consumer electronics allows us to use our engineering know-how to deliver lightweight parts with intricate geometries from composite materials. From sprayers, tillage, nozzles, irrigation devices, automated solar components, material-handling equipment, and more, Premium Parts will use our advanced prototyping and manufacturing techniques to create customized products that best suit your farm, factory, or supply chain needs.

• Design for Manufacturability

By contacting us and requesting a quote, we collect your CAD prototype design files for review. Our engineers perform a free design-for-manufacturability evaluation to help you spot opportunities to optimize design, enhance functionality, and reduce cost for a hassle-free process.

• Low-volume Production

We offer low-volume production to match the needs and budgets of all categories of agriculture players. Our production flexibility means that you can optimize your budget, remain cost-effective, and get to the market quicker and faster.

• Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping solutions are adept at making high-quality prototypes with very low or zero tooling costs. Through vacuum casting, 3D printing, and CNC machining services, we can create functional prototypes from your design files to meet your business’s everyday needs in as fast as 24 hours.

• Excellent Support Service

Premium Parts will support your business through every step of the way with our excellent customer care experience. We understand the importance of responsive quoting and feedback, we will ensure to quote you back and get you feedback within 24 hours. Our engineers are also available right from your design stage down to the aftersales support inquiries.

• Quality Guaranteed

Whatever your needs are – rapid prototypes, pilot runs, or mass production, Premium Part can guarantee that your parts will be made to specifications with the best qualities. Our financial capacity, manufacturing capability, and wealth of experience in our ranks ensure that your pieces are dimensionally accurate, finished to taste, and optimized for functionality.

• Material Inspection and Compliance

We perform stringent quality control processes to ensure that the best materials are used and processed for your agricultural parts and components. We also ensure that all our parts are compliant with the necessary end uses to facilitate approval and regulatory inspections.

• One-stop-shop Service

At Premium Parts, our one-stop-shop services mean that your parts are made in-house from start to finish. Our stringent quality control system and robust process control also mean that our clients in the agriculture industry are guaranteed part consistency and excellent finish, all made to specifications.

• On-ground Support

Our sales team professionals are available to visit your farms, feedlots, and processing centers to discuss large-scale production projects.

What can we make for you?

• Wireless Radio-frequency Identification Tags for Livestock (RFID)

• Solar devices with automated sensors

• Hydraulic, automatic watering and irrigation components

• Storage compartments and tanks

• Sprayers and pesticide delivery devices

• General operation equipment

• Harvesting equipment components

• Bio-processor and digestor components

• Engine components and other mechanical parts for Agricultural machinery

• Automated feeding systems

• Brake, clutch, torsion, valve, and other springs

• Product processing lines

• Replacement parts, custom fixtures, and one-off tools

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The Clients We Serve

At Premium part, our range of manufacturing services for the agriculture industry can serve and meet the needs of the following players.

• Producers, growers, and farmers

• Bio-technology experts

• Agriculture machinery manufacturers

• Equipment dealers

• Packaging and storage companies

• Raw material processing companies

• Local equipment fabricators

• Process design experts

• OEM part manufacturers

• Aftermarket part suppliers

• Spare part wholesalers and manufacturers

• Agricultural equipment suppliers

• Repair hubs and mechanic workshops

Material Options For Agricultural Manufacturing

To meet the agricultural industry’s needs, Premium Parts offers a breadth of materials for improved performance, functionality, and produce safety. Materials suited for use in the food and agriculture industry must be easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, non-reactive, food-grade, heat-resistant, and sterilizable. Some of our materials for agricultural manufacturing include:

• Nylon

• Silicone rubber

• Thermoplastics





• Metal and metal alloys

o Aluminum

o Magnesium

o Zinc

o Tungsten

o Stainless

o Carbon and steel alloys

o Brass

o Titanium

Our Agricultural Manufacturing Services

CNC Machining Services

CNC machining services are excellent for making parts for the agricultural industry without any hard tooling. Parts can be made through CNC swiss turning and milling operations. Parts made with these techniques are exact with tight tolerances and dimensional accuracy.

CNC machined parts can also be secondarily processed by drilling, sawing, brazing, engraving, and part finishing. At Premium Parts, we can make turned or milled parts for your agricultural end-use with plastic, metal, or ceramic materials if needed.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection molding is used to make plastic parts in significantly high volumes. At Premium Parts, we can create high-quality plastic parts with many resins. This facilitates material selection based on the mechanical and cosmetic needs of your part. Our injection-molded parts are manufactured to be compliant with regulatory standards. Parts can be non-toxic, food-grade, and high-temperature resistant as per your request.

Vacuum casting

At Premium Parts, our vacuum casting has been widely used for making low-volume copies of a part with excellent cosmetic finishes. With a 3D printed or CNC machined master pattern, our vacuum casting operation will use elastomers to make your final part without any capital tooling cost. These vacuum-casted parts are well suited for design verification and market testing. Some of our vacuum-casted parts include fluid reservoirs, dispensers, housings, and other containers.

Pressure Die Casting

Pressure die casting is suitable for making large volumes of metal parts with a high level of detail and dimensional stability. Our pressure die casting service is cost-effective and affordable, lowering the unit cost per part. Castings can be made from magnesium, zinc, or aluminum. They can also be finished in a range of options to make them corrosion-resistant, stronger, and protected from fields and farms’ harsh conditions.

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Compliment Your Part With Our Finishing Options

Our range of production techniques for the agriculture industry can be further enhanced with our finishing services. We understand the need to compliment part quality with cosmetic excellence. This is why we offer many finishing options to augment your part’s surface finish and protect them from harsh environmental conditions. Our finishes are decorative, protective, and in some instances, functional. See below the list of finishing options we offer for your agriculture device and equipment:

• Texturing

• Anodizing

• Polishing

• Blasting

• Painting

• Electroplating

• Passivation

• Heat treatment

• Powder coating

• Custom

Start Here

Get started with your project with Premium Part! We invite you to collaborate with us and take advantage of our financial and industrial capabilities for making high-quality parts for use in your agribusiness and agriculture-oriented industry.

Working with us is easy. First, simply upload your finished CAD file and receive a free quote through our instant quoting engine. Next, our design experts will reach out to you with a design evaluation.

We offer excellent technical and logistical support every step of the way, helping you to optimize your supply chain and production across every phase of your business. We can help you reach your market faster by taking advantage of our production flexibilities through our low-volume production and rapid prototyping solutions. Upload your CAD prototype design and receive your free quote now!

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