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Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing for The Transportation Industry

The general transportation industry consists of several diverse sectors. From rail to haulage, trucks, ship, and freight, Premium Parts continues to collaborate with business leaders to bring user-centric improvements to optimize and customize the service offerings of the transportation industry.

Our rapid prototyping and on-demand manufacturing services are trusted by many to deliver high-quality components, replacement parts, and customized outfits that will improve fuel efficiency, enhance rail standards, prevent costly downtimes and provide luxurious customizations.

We use CNC machining, 3D printing, pressure die casting, and plastic injection molding for our general transportation industry manufacturing. Our rapid prototyping services are specifically aimed at reducing lengthy tooling and product development cycles. Our low-volume production services will help you optimize your budget, build prototypes, and get to your desired market sooner than later. We can make top-grade tooling and fixtures through rapid tooling that will help avoid downtimes and boost your supply chain agility.

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Why does the Transportation Industry Trust Us?

• Accelerated Product Development Cycles

Speed up your product development and accelerate market entry with our 3D printing, CNC machining, and rapid prototyping services. Premium Parts uses quality-certified materials to produce real-life jigs and fixtures for functional testing before making your final product. Our digital and additive manufacturing means that you can move from idea to prototype and direct production within 24 hours, beating the bottlenecks of time-intensive tooling.

• Price Quoting

Our rapid quoting will helps you cut through wait times and leap to product development discussions in a few hours. A free design-for-manufacturability analysis that will suggest design improvements for cost-optimization and improved part functionality. Upload your model and receive a free quote and DFM analysis now.

• Rapid Prototyping

Manufacture high-quality prototypes of replacement parts, fixtures, tooling, and OEM components tailored towards faster part development and functional testing. Our rapid prototyping is suitable for intensive pilot testing that will help you mitigate design risks before moving to final production.

• Custom, One-off Parts

Tackle your transportation tool, component, and supply chain challenges head-on with digital manufacturing and low-volume production. Premium Parts can help you make OEM, aftermarket parts, and components for ship vessels, fleets, trucks, trailers, trains, rail, and other features that may be no longer available on the market. Our 3D printing can also make custom, one-off parts, tools, and fixtures for tailored repair or customized replacement solutions.

• User-specific Customization

Our digital manufacturing solutions, like 3D printing and CNC machining services, have been optimized to meet your end-users’ demands. This allows an array of finishing techniques for high customization and personalization to the taste of each customer. From aircraft seats to ship cabins, precision-driven steering equipment, control, and dashboards, our finishing and customization services will bring out the best from your part.

• Cost-savings

Cost-optimization is crucial for the transportation industry. We allow you to save cost on production by using our rapid tooling and digital manufacturing to eliminate expensive tooling costs and make your parts on demand. Our manufacturing solutions can also help you cut down on inventory costs, allowing you to save time and space by manufacturing certain parts on-demand and when needed.

• Quality Guaranteed

Rely on Premium Parts Pressure die casting, plastic injection molding, and CNC machining capabilities to bring you high-quality parts made to specifications and tight tolerances. Our array of finishing services are also succinct for delivering aesthetics, beauty, protection, and functionality to all of your parts.

• No Minimum Order Quantities

Whether you need one or a thousand parts, Premium Parts’s production flexibility is based on our in-house capacity and scale. We allow customers to take advantage of our low-volume production options to make small units of their product prototypes, bridge-to-market units, or mass-produce their parts without compromising our cost-effectiveness.

What can we make for you?

At Premium Parts, we offer specialized offerings for the automotive and aerospace industries. Please see our capabilities for the automotive and aerospace industries here. Our general manufacturing techniques for the transportation industry are geared for shipping, haulage, train, and rail component manufacturing. Here’s a glimpse of some applications of our transportation manufacturing services:

• Interior parts

o Seats and seat assemblies

o Headrests, armrests, and seat-adjustment panels

o Dashboard components

o Cabin design components

o Panels and finishes

o Knobs and dials for electronic components

• Exterior parts

o Train body parts

o Rail parts

o Ship body parts

o Glasses, windscreens, and windows

o Lighting components

• Mechanical components

o Shafts

o Cylinders

o Brake pedals

o Chassis and transmission parts

o Turbine parts and components

o Engine components

o Bearings

o Radiators

• Obsolete parts

• Customized/Aftermarket parts

o Emblems, customized branding

o Custom head and tail lights

• Lightweight, high-strength components

• Rapid tooling

o Custom tools suited for specific/one-off repair tasks.

o OEM-substitute parts to prevent costly downtimes.

o Quick on-demand components to augment just-in-time manufacturing

• Complex parts

o Rail and train track components with complex and intricate geometries for improved strength.

o Complex ship body parts and mechanical components


Who Are Our Clients?

Premium Parts uses CNC machining service, Plastic injection molding, 3D prototyping service, Pressure die casting, Sheet metal fabrication, and Polyurethane vacuum casting to serve the following clients in the transportation industry:

• Automobile manufacturers

• OEM part manufacturers

• Train transportation Engineers

• Shipping and freight companies

• Logistic and haulage service centers

• Truck and Trailer servicing outlets

• Spare part wholesalers and manufacturers

• National Security and Defense Forces

• Repair hubs and mechanic workshops

• Civil and Mechanical Engineering Firms

• Railway construction and maintenance companies

Transportation Manufacturing Materials

• Nylon

Nylon 6 and 66 are some of the most widely used engineered thermoplastics in the transportation industry. It has high strength, low-cost, high dimensional stability, and excellent resistance. Nylon is mostly used in making crankcases, timing belts, cylinder head covers, cams, bushes, gears, bearings, oil containers, wire harness connectors, and fuse boxes for a range of vehicles.

• Thermoplastics

Premium Parts stock a wide range of engineering-grade thermoplastic resins to make functional, attractive end-use components for multiple functions in the transportation industry. We stock the most popular thermoplastic for automotive, shipping, aircraft, and train component production. Some of our thermoplastic options include Acetal, PEEK, Polypropylene, PVC, ABS, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, and more.

Thermoplastics can deliver high strength, design flexibility, no-corrosion, and UV-resistance for applications in vehicle design.

• Elastomers

We have several elastomers suitable for self-lubricating, and high-performance applications within the transportation industry. Elastomers may be used to make gaskets, fuel pump systems, seals, O-rings, float controls, and other components within vehicles, suspension, and engines.

• Steel

Steel is arguably one of the most utilized metal alloys in the transportation sector. Because of its high strength, steel may be used in constructing train tracks, ship bodies, train components, rail parts, and more. Steel is also corrosion-resistant, although it is increasingly being replaced, where possible, by aluminum and titanium.

• Titanium

Titanium is used in the transportation industry for high-strength and high-durability applications. It has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, and like aluminum, it is corrosion-resistant. Titanium is capable of withstanding high temperatures and salt-water exposure. This makes it applicable in making aircraft components, naval ships, and spacecraft. It can also serve as storage-making material for tanks in oil, gas, and chemical transportation.

• Aluminum

Aluminum and its alloys are some of the most abundant metals on the planet. Its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and easy machinability make it the desired material for many functions across the transportation industry. Aluminum parts can be finished in multiple ways that improve its appearance and functionality. It is used in shipbuilding, train bodies, plane wings, engine radiators, bumpers, wheels, engine cylinder blocks, hoods, frames, doors, and even suspension parts.


Our Manufacturing Services For The Transportation Industry

CNC Machining Services

Explore CNC milling, turning, grinding, and other operations to make specialized body parts and components with intricate geometries, cylindrical shapes, and high dimensional accuracy. CNC machining services can produce parts with tight tolerances where functionality is crucial. Machined parts can also be finished in a vast number of ways to improve appearance and functionality.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Our sheet metal forming, pressing, bending, and more can help you manufacture parts with high strength-to-weight ratios from light layers of metal alloys. From aluminum to magnesium, titanium, and nickel, Premium Parts can fabricate parts with simple or complex geometries for rail, freight, air, or sea transportation.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection molding can make high-quality plastic parts for interior, exterior, and mechanical applications for transportation. Plastic injection molding is suitable for making medium to large production of end-parts. Our injection molding is a high-quality process that delivers parts with excellent finish and cosmetic detail.

3D Printing

3D printing can be used for on-demand manufacturing, low-volume production, and rapid prototyping. We use SLA, SLS, and other additive manufacturing techniques to make functional parts, tooling, fixtures, and more in as fast as 24 hours.

Vacuum casting

At Premium part, our vacuum casting has been widely used for making low-volume copies of a piece with excellent cosmetic finishes. With the use of a 3D printed master pattern, our vacuum casting operation will use elastomers to make your final part without the need for any capital tooling cost.

Pressure Die Casting

Choose pressure die casting for making metal parts and castings with excellent dimensional accuracy, part details, and a cosmetic finish. Die casting can be used with our various metal alloys for mass production of functional parts.

Compliment Your Part With Our Finishing Options

Our range of production techniques can be further enhanced with our finishing services. We understand the need to compliment part quality with cosmetic excellence. This is why we offer several finishing options for augmenting the surface finish of your part. Our finishes are decorative, aesthetic, and in some instances, functional. See below the list of finishing options we offer for general parts and components in the transportation industry:

• Texturing

• Anodizing

• Polishing

• Blasting

• Painting

• Electroplating

• Passivation

• Heat treatment

• Powder coating

• Custom

On-demand Solutions For An Agile Supply Chain

Ready to begin on your next project? Ensure that your processes and supply chain remain agile enough to meet the transportation sector’s ever-changing dynamics. Collaborate with us and learn how we can streamline your manufacturing services with our rapid-prototyping, on-demand manufacturing, and low-volume production services.

Working with us is as simple as starting your engine. Upload your CAD design prototype and get in touch with us. Our experts will give you an instant quote and design-for-manufacturability analysis to jump-start production discussions right away.

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