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Rapid Prototyping & Low-volume Manufacturing for the Education Industry

Premium Parts uses on-demand production, rapid prototyping, and Low-volume production techniques to empower the education sector, bringing practicality, engagement, and interactivity to classrooms, laboratories, and research centers. Our manufacturing services are well-tailored to address the needs of students, lecturers, and the curriculum around STEM disciplines. With the aid of techniques like 3D printing, 3D Prototyping services, and Polyurethane vacuum casting, Premium Parts can help every player in the education industry change the world faster and take ideas from the lab to the world as quickly as possible.

Enhance Learning, Research & Development

Our 3D printing, CNC machining services, Injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, and polyurethane vacuum casting services can be widely applied across the educational sector to drive a hands-on approach to learn. Please choose from our array of plastic, metal, and composite materials to provide you with great concept models of molecules, design structures, engineering structures, cellular structures, geographic elements, bones, skeletons, and more. Our rapid prototyping solutions can also help create realistic solution-oriented components for problem solving, idea testing, and explanation of controversial or complex concepts in STEM disciplines.

Outside the classroom, 3D printing and 3D prototyping services can create complex parts, anatomical models, organic molecules, fossils, archeological mockups, construction models, and blueprints for doctorate researches, medical innovations, and marketing exhibitions.

Whatever the size of your class, whatever the level of education, and whatever the end-use, our manufacturing solutions for the education industry are adept at meeting the breadth of needs and fuel limitless creativity and collaboration. Our production volume flexibility and material range guarantee the safest and cost-effective solutions to match your budget, test your ideas, and accelerate learning and research.

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Why Should You Work With Us?

• Custom, On-demand Solutions

Premium Parts can respond to the dynamic needs of each sector of the education industry quickly and effectively. Our on-demand solutions mean that we can create purpose-specific and custom parts and components to facilitate education, learning, and research.

• Design for Manufacturability

Premium Part performs a thorough design-for-manufacturability analysis, free of charge, to evaluate your design and suggest improvements for cost savings, functionality, and production. If you do not have a CAD prototype design file, our team of experts will guide you all the way through the design process.

• Excellent Production Volume Flexibility

Our production process for the education industry offers prototyping, low-volume, and mass manufacturing. The flexibilities around our order volumes mean that there’s something available for everyone.

• Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping options are part of our most popular services for manufacturing in the education industry. With 3D printing CAD prototyping and vacuum casting, Premium Parts can accelerate your part production and make functional prototypes for testing, learning, or practical end-use in as fast as 24 hours.

• Excellent Support Service

Premium Parts will support your business through every step of the way with our excellent customer care experience. We understand the importance of responsive quoting and feedback, which is why we can quote back within 24 hours that can cut down wait times up to 80%. Our engineers are also available right from your design stage down to the final part production.

• Quality Guaranteed

Our high-quality 3D printing, precision CNC machining services, and vacuum casting process will help you make parts with excellent dimensional accuracy, tolerances, and a cosmetic finish.

• Material Options and Range

Choose from over 20 engineering-grade plastic, metals and elastomers materials to make functional prototypes and low-volume parts suitable for several applications.

• One-stop-shop Service

Our one-stop-shop services at Premium Parts means that your parts are made in-house from start to finish. Our stringent quality control system and robust process control also mean that our clients in the education industry are guaranteed part consistency and excellent finishes.

• Cost-effectiveness

We understand the budgetary constraints often faced by schools, research centers, and universities. This is why our manufacturing services for the education industry are cost-effective and budget optimizing. With 3D printing and low-volume production services, we can help you fabricate high-quality parts without any expensive tooling.

How We Can Serve You Too

Our top education applications include the following:

1. 3D Printing prototyping services and CNC machining services

2. Rapid tooling

3. Custom fixturing

4. Direct digital manufacturing

5. Low-volume manufacturing

Here’s how all of our services can better suit your application in line with each subject area and discipline:

• Pre-school

o Teaching aids, Training objects, Alphabets, Numbers, Micro boards, Learning pads.

• Chemistry, Pharmacy & Biochemistry

o 3D Printed Structures, Molecules, Organic bonding demonstrations.

• Mathematics

o Shapes, Angles, Geometrical representation.

• Biology & Agriculture

o Cellular structures, Specimens, Genetic experimentation.

• Design & Architecture

o Models, Mock-ups, Drawings, Stress and strain demonstrations, Blueprints.

• Physics, Engineering & Construction

o Production units, prototypes, Models, Structural representations, Stress and strain demonstrations, Building design.

• Aeronautical

o Solid objects, space-like complexities, aerodynamic design, strength-to-weight explanations.

• Arts, Music, Fashion

o Dress material design and technology, Mannequins, Fashion design, Musical instrument design.

• History and Archeology

o Fossils, Monument design, Artefact reconstructions, Totems, Myths and Game souvenirs, DNA reconstruction.

• Food Technology

o Food sample design, Packaging design, Food rheology.

• Sports

o One-off sports equipment, Game blueprints, Board games, Sample sports kits, Athlete mannequins.

• Military and Defense

o Weaponry, Rubber bullets, Guns, non-lethal test weapons, defense infrastructures, shields, weapon components, mannequins, bulletproof vests, protective gear.

• Medicine and Surgery

o Orthopedic models, Sample surgical equipment, Precision tools, Advanced technology mockups, Anatomical models and Critical organs, Orthopedic parts, Bone structures, Skeletons, Mock surgeries, Tissue cells.

• Geology and Geography

o Models, Map designs, Geographic structures.

• Research and Laboratories

o Thesis research, Doctorate studies, Research prototypes, Proof of concepts, Pilot testing, Design iterations.


The Clients We Serve

At Premium part, our range of manufacturing services can serve every player in the educational industry. Some of our popular clients fall under the categories of:

• Researchers and Doctorate Candidates

• Pre-school and Elementary Education Teachers

• High schools and Colleges

• Engineering research labs

• Student competition organizers

• Design course experts

• Universities

• Private Researchers

• STEM education centers

• Technical Education and Distant Learning Providers

Our Material Options

To meet the needs of the education industry, Premium Parts offers a range of materials for improved performance, functionality, and safe learning and experimentation conditions. Materials suited for use in the education industry should be safe, fire-retardant (where possible), rigid, strong, abrasion-resistant. Some of our most common material options fall under these categories:

• Nylon

• Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, and Liquid Silicone rubber

• Bio-compatible materials

• Thermoplastics

• Metal and metal alloys

Our Manufacturing Services For The Education Industry

3D Printing

3D printing and Additive manufacturing is perfect for the rapid prototyping of high-quality models in plastic or metal materials. Due to its speed and affordability, it is the most widely used production technique for the educational industry. It is also used for idea/concept testing and making parts with complex geometries in low volumes. 3D printing and 3D prototyping are popular in automotive, medical and dental, construction, research, and development educational uses.

CNC Machining Services

CNC machining operations are excellent for making parts for research and development, especially when precision and dimensional accuracy are imperative. Parts can be made through CNC swiss turning and milling operations, and can also be finished in various ways. CNC machining is often used for aerospace, medicine, and surgery educational purposes.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection molding is used to make plastic parts in significantly high volumes. At Premium part, we can create high-quality plastic parts with several resins. This enables you to select the best material based on the mechanical and cosmetic needs of your students, class, or research. Our insert and overmolding techniques can also facilitate the production of composite parts for any educational requirements.

Urethane casting

Our vacuum casting has been widely used at Premium Parts for making low-volume copies of a part with excellent cosmetic finishes. These vacuum casted parts are well suited for small classes of 20-25 students for design verification and hands-on practical testing. They can also be used as concept models and design mockups/iterations.


Compliment Your Part With Our Finishing Options

Our range of production techniques for the education industry can be further enhanced with our finishing services. We understand the need to compliment part quality with cosmetic excellence to enhance interest, attractiveness, and participation. This is why we offer several finishing options to augment your part’s surface finish and protect it from wear, tear, and harsh environmental conditions. Our finishes are decorative, protective, and in some instances, functional. See below the list of finishing options we offer for your educational parts, components, and learning equipment:

• Texturing

• Anodizing

• Polishing

• Insert installation

• Blasting

• Painting

• Electroplating

• Passivation

• Heat treatment

• Powder coating

• Custom

Start Here

Get started with your project with Premium Part! We invite you to collaborate with us and take advantage of our financial and industrial capabilities for making high-quality parts for use in your classrooms, research labs, and study curriculums.

Working with us is easy. First, upload your finished CAD prototype file and receive a free quote through our instant quoting engine. Next, our design experts will reach out to you with a design evaluation.

We offer excellent technical and logistical support every step of the way, helping you improve class participation, spark innovation, and enhance understanding. Our low-volume and prototyping services also mean that you can simulate realistic results to optimize learning opportunities through physical models. Upload your CAD prototype design and receive your free quote now!

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