Can you design and make drawings for us?

No, to ensure strict compliance to client’s design and specifications, we do not make design drawings and 3D CAD models for our clients. We only accept drawings and process them as required to match design for manufacture standards (DFM) to produce error-free production parts.

What kind of tolerance can you hold to our parts?

Typically, we follow the general tolerances DIN ISO 2768 standard if the printing doesn’t specify the tolerances. Theoretically, the best tolerance we can achieve for machined parts is 0.005mm and for machined plastic, the best tolerance we can achieve is 0.01mm.

How to track the status of my job?

You can track your job status from our project manager or sales team via emails, and generally you will get a response within 12 hours. Or you can call our sales team hotline for any instant helps.