Complete CNC turning with metal lathe machines for precise completion of any design

A wide range of industrial applications and manufacturing projects need CNC turning operations to create the essential tools and parts needed for completion. At Premium Parts, our experienced and highly professional team understands how to deliver exactly that with our CNC lathe machine and engineering design experts. We handle complex metal lathe options, can create functional prototypes in short order, and deliver and parts and products with the highest quality control anywhere.

The services provided at our high-tech Chinese plant always deliver the best results that you need for your own projects and industry applications. We handle all types of CNC turning tasks with the utmost care, dedication, and design suggestions to suit your budget and timeline.

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How CNC Lathe Machines Work

As part of an entire collection of machining equipment and capabilities here at Premium Parts, our CNC lathe and turning capabilities are second to none. It all starts with the computer numerical control (CNC) systems that communicate precise design to the metal lathe itself. Like all other machining equipment in our facility, the lathes use the best information to deliver to exacting specifications every time.

A lathe machine clamps the material on one or opposite ends, rotates it on a single axis, and allows the cutting tool to reshape and carve the material until it reaches the desired configuration and size. In most cases, this uses is a stationary cutting tool for external shaping and another for internal diameter changes for hollow items, pipes, and cutouts.

CNC Lath  CNC Turning

Multiple Configurations of CNC Lathe Machines

Although traditional metal lathe spends on only one axis, we do not limit the possibilities for machine part or component creation here at Premium Parts. The main spindle offers multi-speed turning connected to powerful drive systems that facilitate smooth cuts and carving. However, different lathe parts are used for both horizontal and vertical connections, slanted or flat beds, and even multi-axis turning. All lathing changes occur by removing material from the initial piece. These machines do not add anything or reshape existing material in any way.

To put it simply, we offer the precise CNC lathe capabilities that will create the tool part or product component you need for your own commercial or industrial purposes.

The Project Possibilities Are Virtually Endless

The entire process of designing and creating a part or tool with a metal lathe begins with computer-aided design to the most exacting standards. Realize that the end result will exactly match the numbers you input in the design. Our CNC lathe capabilities will meet your specifications precisely. Tight tolerances define the closest dimensional accuracy for the designs to provide. We offer so much more than one or two straight metal lathe options.

Create Quick Prototypes

Although our CNC lathe capabilities stretch far beyond low-volume orders, we do offer exceptionally quick turnaround time for the creation of prototypes and part or product trials. With your CAD data files, we can deliver on-demand parts without any quality control issues frequently found in others' rushed projects. These can help you test your designs in physical space and real-time rather than rely on models. Also, the prototypes make exceptional marketing tools for validating ideas, testing with beta consumer groups, and pitching to investors.

Aluminum lathe parts  Steel lathe parts

Production of Low and High-Volumes

No order is too small or too large for Premium Parts capabilities. We invite you to contact us for all your lathe machining needs whether you want a few quick prototypes to introduce a new product to market or complete tooling for multi-purpose applications. This makes us a wise choice for companies with diverse budgets. We do not require a certain large level of expenditure in order to hire us to create parts at our high-tech facilities.

Complete Customization Options

The wide variety of service types available at our facility expand the possibilities for your company. While CNC lathe tooling presents an exceptional option to get the part you need, our entire range of machining varieties expands your customization options even more. Besides one-axis spindle turning, we also offer multi-plane operations, vacuum casting, the creation of custom fixtures and jigs, and a wide variety of finishes for each item. This includes various engraving, texturing, etching, and identification or directional marks so you can use your part as efficiently as possible.

CNC Turning for Diverse Materials

Our capabilities extend to an exceptionally wide variety of material types. Our metal lathe capabilities include multiple grades of aluminum, steel, brass, copper, bronze, magnesium, zinc, and tungsten. These suit different parts and project needs from the creation of children's toys to aircraft engines and conductive wires and electrodes.

We also offer turning for a variety of plastics colluding acrylic, nylon, propylene, PVC, ABS, PET and more. Although we work with flexible and solid urethane, it is not used with lathe machining or turning projects. However, you can add extra materials like these to create a multi-part finished item.

Metal lathe  Metal Turning Lathe

Premium Parts offers one-stop solutions and free quotes for all CNC turning and lathe machine projects. Final costs depend on the complexity of the computer design, the time it takes to finish each piece, the number of pieces you need, and the cost of base materials. You can rest assured that the cost quoted to you will remain accurate to the end with no surprises or extra fees added. For orders both large and small, we guarantee the same exceptional quality assurance. Your CNC lathe parts and components will be delivered exactly how your design programming indicates.

Contact us to discuss your specific CNC turning needs in detail and to get a quote for your overall project. We want to become your single supplier for all machined parts that you need to succeed in your own industrial, commercial, and manufacturing business.

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Please feel free to send us an inquiry if you are interested in our services. We will reply you as soon as we can.