What are the things you can make with a 3D Printer?

What are the things you can make with a 3D Printer?

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Many people are of the idea that 3D printing can only be used to make prototypes, toys, duplicates, or trinkets. Today, additive manufacturing can be used in many unbelievable ways across a wide range of industries. With 3D printing, several innovations across medicine, architecture, automotive and basic manufacturing have become achievable, helping to create quick on-the-go solutions to some of the business challenges and global problems. Here are a few highlights of what you can do with 3D printing.

A. 3D Printed Houses

With innovations and advancements in 3D printing, architects are able to design and 3D print full physical structures of houses in 24 to 48 hours. These houses, made from highly durable materials can be resided in for extended periods of time. With 3D printing, these fast, affordable homes can be deployed in diverse locations to provide affordable solutions for homeless people. They can also foster accommodation for people as relief for natural disaster impacted areas. A great example of 3D printed houses is seen in this amazing collaboration between Non-Profit New Story and Construction Company Icon to manufacture a 350 sq. ft home in just 48 hours using 3D printing .

B. 3D Printed Tissues and Appendages

In the medical industry, experts have advanced from 3D printing to print living tissues and cells to treat an array of human medical conditions. 3D printing allows for the printing of tissues that can be used to cover deep wounds, severe burns and stimulate growth and treatment. Bioprinters now exist to help print tissues and cells, using biological-grade materials that are considered safe and reliable as the ink to layer new healthy skin over damaged skin.

The innovation is also extended into the development of prosthetic arms and legs to help physically challenged individuals retain the functionality of amputated or defective appendages.

C. 3D Printed Spares

Automobile and Airplane spare parts can now easily be printed at lower costs using 3D printing. The quicker turnaround also means that these spare parts are cheaper and readily available in the market. Most auto manufactures have taken advantage of 3D printing technology, employing additive manufacturing as a means to creating durable lightweight parts that make today’s cars lighter, faster and more fuel-efficient.

Through 3D printing, parts with complex geometries are attainable for the aerospace industry without compromising the lightweight balance needed to give aircraft their much-needed buoyancy in the sky.

D. 3D Industrial Tooling

Using materials like steel, carbon fiber, and other metal alloys, 3D printing can be used to create an endless variety of engineering and industrial tools. From gas turbine housings to gear parts, compressors, and more, additive manufacturing provides a significantly cheaper alternative to making engineering parts and components. Basic tools that can be used to fabricate other tools or used as machine extensions are also all 3D-printable

E. 3D Printed Jewelries

Additive manufacturing is used by many designers to make both simple jewelry parts and complex high-end accessories that are at times indistinguishable from conventional jewelry. This has facilitated the manufacture of faster gold and diamond-encrusted neckpieces, wrist chains, rings, and more. With 3D printing, jewelers can also add a personal touch to design and create tailored pieces to the specifications of each buyer.

3D Printing at Premium Parts is boundless

We’ve only discussed a few of the applications of 3D printing. Today, a myriad of industries use innovative additive manufacturing to solve painstaking problems across dentistry, eye care, furniture, archeology, forensics, consumer electronics, agriculture, and education. As diversity and creativity increase, you can be rest assured that 3D printing will continue to remain at the forefront of quicker, more effective and cost-efficient manufacturing. Need a digital 3D printing service in China? Contact us at Premium Part and explore all the possibilities of our innovative 3D printing technology.

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