Why You Should Use Custom Resins for Your Injection Molding Process

Why You Should Use Custom Resins for Your Injection Molding Process

Custom resins for injection molding

While CNC machining and 3D printing continue to advance at relatively faster rates, the same may not say for injection molding. Injection molding is one of the most robust, conventional plastic manufacturing methods that are all too well grounded, tried, and tested for sustainable results. That says injection-molded parts will continue to see reasonable improvements around product quality, cosmetic finish, and part performance.

Today, our emphasis moves from simple injection molding to custom molding processes. Our highlight, custom resins, refers to engineered resin materials made to specification on demand of the customer to deliver specific visual, cosmetic, functional, strength, and even cost characteristics. With the already exhaustive list of options to pick your resin or polymer from, you may wonder what the need for a custom resin is? The answers to all your questions are covered in today’s topic. Read on to find out why you should consider custom-engineered resins in your injection molding process.

1. Uniform Production Quality

Customized resins are polymers and resins manufactured to meet certain quality grades and characteristics to meet their end-use functions. One of the benefits of having a proprietary designed resin is the level of consistency that you will have in your injection molded parts. Because your resins are not standard plastic polymers sourced by suppliers, the likelihood of having differences in your supply is significantly reduced.

A custom resin should also translate to uniformity in product quality as the raw materials employed are all of the same grades. Suppose you have any differences in the quality of your end parts. In that case, the process parameters for each production batch are likelier to be the culprit and not your raw material of custom-made resins.

2. Cost savings in the longer run

Depending on the type of resins you’re developing, the cost of engineering a polymer or composite resin to match specific end-use purposes can be a bit on the upside. No doubt, there are also the initial research and development costs that must factor in. Thankfully, these are all one-off fees.

In the longer run, your custom resin approach can leave you with the perfect material for your project in terms of any range of factors from chemical resistance, rigidity, flexibility to material stability, strength, shock, and impact resistance. From a cost perspective, developing a custom resin will be cheaper than opting for high-grade materials with the desired attributes with limited supply and higher costs. Custom engineering also allows you to pick the most critical attributes in a material without incurring the high costs of selecting materials that have it all. For instance, it would be far more affordable to make a resin with only its rigidity enhanced than buy a super resin with an array of unwanted properties to tap into that material’s rigidity. In the long run, you want to end up paying for materials that have some of the properties you desire and a list of unnecessary characteristics. Considering large-scale manufacturing, the cost savings of having a custom resin far outweigh the choice of ready-made resins in the longer run.

3. Increasing supply options

Manufacturing your custom resin can help you reduce overdependence on a particular supplier and widen your options. This way, you can always work with different material engineers to have your resin formulated and ready in time for production.

Developing a proprietary material can also mean more control over your supply, working with additional manufacturers, and avoiding market uncertainties or discontinuation of resins, modifiers, and fillers. Also, resin manufacturers may make certain subtle modifications to resins without any declared notice to customers. No matter how small, these changes may affect the product quality of your parts.

The ultimate benefit of designing and holding your own resins is the patent and secrets that you get to keep. It can be a significant factor when looking to cut product adulteration and counterfeits in your line of business.

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