• Plastic Injection Molding
    Custom design plastic injection molding for your needs Premium Parts provides high-quality plastic injection molding services suited to our clients' varying needs across several industries. Our in-house capacity, engineering experience, and state-of-the-art machine capabilities allow us to offer rapid injection molding and on-demand production tailored to our clients' specific needs. Our plastic injection molding solutions include overmolding, mold making, insert molding, and multi-cavity molding. All our processes are optimized for making high-quality plastic parts and prototypes with an excellent cosmetic finish and superior functionality. Our Plastic Injection Molding technique is a highly efficient and scalable process that produces high-quality custom prototypes and production-grade parts. We stock over 20 engineering-grade thermoplastic and elastomeric materials, allowing you to choose the best material to augment your parts' functionality and performance in their applications. We also offer a range of finishing services to help compliment the beauty and protection of your parts.

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