5 Top Benefits of Urethane Casting

5 Top Benefits of Urethane Casting

Polyurethane Casting

Urethane casting is an effective manufacturing process used in the manufacturing of product prototypes and low-volume parts. It involves the use of a silicone mold to form rubber or plastic-like urethane casted parts. Urethane casting is popular for making bridge quantities of high-quality products with high functionality with quick turnaround and at affordable costs before using techniques such as injection molding to mass manufacture.

Urethane casting has several advantages which we would be taking a look at today. For one, the process can make several batches of small quantities with high cosmetic appearance and texture. It is also inexpensive and quicker than injection molding or 3D printing. Here are 5 top benefits of urethane casting.

1. Quality

Urethane casting will produce varying degrees of product types that are exactly as specified using high-quality silicone molds. The process is known to deliver parts with excellent aesthetic and cosmetic finishes that are non-distinguishable from production-grade textures. Urethane casted parts can also be over-molded and post-processed to add finishing touches like painting and texturing.

At a reduced cost, urethane casting will provide you with small quantities of your product with a similar quality finish that is on par with parts that are injection molded. Urethane casted parts are also structurally more stable than additive manufacturing parts which may have limitations in balance and physical integrity.

2. Cost

The materials, such as the cured silicone molds, used in the manufacture of end parts in urethane casting are relatively inexpensive to produce when compared to tooling in injection molding. The general process of urethane casting is might also be some significant hundreds of dollars cheaper than an injection molded part. For low-volumes within the ranges of 0 to 25 or 50, urethane casting will deliver the best value for money as the cost of production is low and the quality of the urethane castings is significantly high.

3. Speed

Urethane casting is significantly faster than other techniques because only silicone molds are needed for the production of your parts. There is no hard tooling as in the case of injection molding and parts are rapidly produced because only small quantities are required.

Urethane casting therefore makes product design testing, design iteration, prototyping, and quick consumer interactions very possible. This can help to shorten the length of the product manufacturing cycle considerably. In some cases, being able to quickly produce market-ready quantities can help gain an edge over the competition.

4. Strength and Resistance

Urethane casted parts will be more abrasion, chemical and environmental (weather) resistant than plastic, rubber or metallic parts. These parts boast more dimensional stability over a wide range of pressure and temperature changes. Depending on the urethane material used, your part can be made to have elastomeric memories, which means they will always return to their original state after stretching.

5. Finishing options

Urethane castings can be adorned in a variety of finish options. You can make high-quality parts that are flexible, rigid or elastic. Parts may also be manufactured in black, translucent or solid RAL and Pantone colors. As for texture, urethane castings allow you to select from a smooth to rough or other desired finish.

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