Attracting More Clients For Your Additive Manufacturing

Attracting More Clients For Your Additive Manufacturing

Attracting More Clients and Jobs for Your Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Business

There are no two ways to say this – The 3D printing industry is one of the most competitive manufacturing services in the world today. Owning an additive manufacturing business can be one of the most daunting endeavors you’ll ever make, especially when you’re just getting started.

More often than not, the ability of your business to secure a large client base will be a determining factor. However, not all established businesses in 3D printing can boast of week-in-week-out repeat clients; With 3D printing, it’s often a mix between less occasional high-paying clients and the more frequent new clients that contribute lower profits on a more steady basis to keep the revenue flowing. If you are just getting started with 3D printing or just looking to get more clients for your business, we’ve researched some of the best tips to help move your business forward. It is important to note that none of these strategies are magical, and they won’t transform your business overnight, however, with proper execution and patience, you’ll see the results soon enough!

1. Visibility is key

Even before starting your business, visibility is one of the things to focus on to build momentum and get people talking. Talk to a couple of business associates, friends, and family to help with your potential first businesses. Tap into the power of social media to make posts about exciting 3D printing stuff, information, and tech.

Since very few people would be willing to give anyone without a job portfolio a trial, ensure that you have personal low-cost projects going from time to time and share them on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Post ongoing and completed jobs on 3D printing forums across Facebook groups, Reddit, and 3D hubs. Ensure that you participate by interacting with other users, share ideas, ask and answer questions where possible.

Finally, depending on what stage your business has developed, you may consider running a couple of ads on Facebook and Instagram to drive prospects to your landing/portfolio page. To get even more out of your online presence, make professional videos that you can promote on YouTube where you’re designing or exhibiting some of your completed projects. The bottom line here is to gather all-around visibility.

2. Find your own niche

Start by completing an array of projects across different product niches to gain some business and client base. Once you have executed a fair number of jobs, you should start considering branching out into one or two niches.

Doing this will help you concentrate and target your business efforts towards prospects in such niches. It would also help tailor your equipment needs and marketing needs to suit a single category. As you continue to grow in this niche, your business will soon become an authority figure in manufacturing items that fall into that category.

Avoid the common pitfall of branching out to anyone’s niche too early. This can limit your revenue potential at the very beginning of your business. Also, research your desired niche before concluding, knowing fully well, that it doesn’t have to be your favorite, but where you excel the most.

3. Heard of 3D hubs?

3D hubs are the largest platform for ordering local 3D printing services. It also has a great forum where both beginners, design experts, customers, and other 3D printers interact. There are a lot of jobs to be won on this platform. Ensure that you constantly visit, remain active, and market yourself and your services. You’ll catch the eye of one or two clients soon enough.

4. Have the right tools for the job

In an era where 3D printers have become relatively affordable and more common in households and offices, 3D printing businesses must be able to deliver higher quality prints to stay relevant.

The quality of your job outputs is largely dependent on your personal skill and experience as well as the type and quality of the machine used in executing the print. Get yourself reliable 3D printers that have a range for diversity and capacity that will keep the minds of your customers at ease. Also, since your jobs serve as referral points for new customers, a higher quality print is one of the first steps to convincing anyone that you’ve got what it takes to print for them.

5. Blog and Guest Post on Authority sites

Blogs and guest posts are great ways to get the attention of potential customers looking for everyday 3D printing information. With the right strategy and SEO, you can create exciting blog topics to post on your website or as a guest post on other 3D authority websites.

After delivering an enlightening piece, be sure to leave a contact us the link, mail, or description in the concluding paragraph to make it easy for clients who may be looking to collaborate to reach you.

6. Add a design to your business offerings

Most customers looking for 3D printing services usually have other value-adding needs. Rather than position your business as a sole 3D printing service, offer CAD model design services, design optimization, and more.

Look for pre and post 3D printing services that you can use to steal the hearts of new product developers to help a client grow from concept and design iteration to print-ready designs that is optimized for 3D printing. You’ll be surprised how many clients need help designing their concept from start to finish. The bottom line is to upsell your additional services to your client to make even more from each job.

7. Price responsibly and get a positive referral

Start out with low introductory prices to get the attention of prospective clients and get positive referrals for all of your completed projects. Next, encourage them to make great reviews for your services while you gradually increase your prices. If there is anything customers trust more than anything in the world, its review from other clients who share and experience the same pain points for their businesses.

Finally, consider using promotional materials and souvenirs to advertise your business as it grows.

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