Learn More About CNC milling services from Premium Parts

Learn More About CNC milling services from Premium Parts

CNC milling

Explore our 3-axis and 5-axis CNC milling services for making high-quality prototypes and full production runs. Our sophisticated milling centers avail you the range and precision required to make highly accurate and quality parts that conform to even the most stringent requirements. CNC milling can keep tight tolerances for key features in part design such as diameter, position, profile, and flatness. Read on to explore the many reasons why we offer the most cost-effective CNC milling processes.

What is CNC Milling?

CNC milling is a type of computer numerical controlled machining operation that uses a multi-point rotary cutting tool to remove materials by advancing the cutter into a workpiece. Milling is achieved by rotating the tool in a varying direction across the surface of the workpiece to slowly remove excess materials until the desired shape and size are achieved.

CNC milling is suitable for producing high-precision, high-tolerance parts in prototype, one-off runs, and low volume manufacturing runs. At Premium Parts, our milled parts are typically made to tolerances within +0.001 inches to +0.005 inches, allowing our clients to explore and exploit the versatility of the milling process for making slots, chamfers, threads, pockets and a host of other features embedded into the most intricate designs. Our custom CNC milling service is even more capable and diverse, allowing for tolerance around +0.0005 inches for parts that demand perfection for optimal functionality.

What Can We Do for You?

With increasing affordability for CNC milling service, we invite you to discover how we use CNC milling to fabricate a unique range of precision components and deliver a wide range of complex prototypes and parts. We currently provide an on-demand CNC milling service with 3-axis and 5-axis capabilities for use across a broad range of industrial applications. Explore our 3 and 5-axis CNC milling solutions below.

• 3-axis and 3+2 axis CNC milling

Our 3-axis and 3+2 axis CNC milling solutions are excellently suited to the needs of every day machining operations. They are used to make high-precision parts with relatively simple geometries. 3-axis CNC milling solutions are pocket-friendly and affordable, but they have lower tolerance levels.

• 5-axis CNC milling

5-axis CNC milling operations are the pinnacle of sophistication in CNC milling. This setup consists of a multi-rotary tool that can move across x, y, z, a, and b axes, allowing for improved reach and maneuverability that makes all the difference when making complex parts. 5-axis CNC milling is employed for designs with intricate shapes, orientations and tight tolerance demands. This machine orientation reduces the number of machine setups and enhances productivity for faster leadtimes.

At Premium Parts, we use our 3 and 5-axis CNC milling services to service vast industries and product categories. Some of our capabilities generally include but is not limited to:

• Aerospace and defense

• Tools and dies

• Medical, dental, prosthetic and orthopedic solutions

• Automotive and transportation

• Food processing

• Aircraft

• Electronics

• Telecoms

• Industrial, spare and OEM parts

We also make prototypes, assembly parts and full-scale end-use parts that encompass complex features like brackets, fixtures, precision components, enclosures and housings, struts and other structural and mechanical components. No matter your material, surface finish, volume or tolerance needs, Premium Parts will always deliver to perfection within agreed leadtimes.

CNC Materials

• Stainless steel

• Aluminum alloys

• Alloy steel

• Copper, brass and bronze

• Plastic

• Titanium

CNC Milling Surface Finishes

Explore our array of surface finishes to complement to beauty, aesthetics, protection and functionality of your CNC machined prototypes.

• Anodizing {Clear, black, red, blue and gold | Smooth or matter finish}

• Painting {Any RAL code or Pantone number | Gloss, semi-gloss, textured, metallic}

• Brushing

• Polishing {Mechanical or chemical polishing | Glossy finish}

• Electroplating {Tin, Nickel, Electroless Nickel | Smooth or glossy finish}

• Media blasting

• Powder coating {Any RAL code or Pantone number | Gloss or semi-gloss}

• Engraving / marking

Start Your CNC Milling Project in 4 Steps Today

Start your CNC machine prototyping in 4 simple steps today!

• Step 1 – Upload files

• Step 2 – Get quotation

• Step 3 – Place order

• Step 4 – Start prototype production

Partner with Us and Enjoy Stellar Results

At Premium Parts, our primary concern is maximizing the quality of all our products. We will work with you every step of your product development cycle to ensure that all your prototyping needs are satisfactorily addressed. We go extra lengths to ensure that your parts are made to perfection and optimize lead times to guarantee that your CNC parts are delivered to you on time and as specified. From start to finish, we give all our clients and projects the outcomes they deserve through a phenomenal user experience and an individualized approach to every project.

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