What kind of CNC prototyping services Premium Parts offers?

What kind of CNC prototyping services Premium Parts offers?

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CNC Prototyping Services

Despite advancements in 3D printing and vacuum casting, CNC machining services remain the most reliable method for making quality, functional prototypes. The precision and accuracy of the numerical control of CNC machining services, combined with other digital manufacturing features like CAD and CAM, makes it the choice solution in modern modeling or prototyping demands. At Premium Parts, our CNC prototype services umbrella solutions for making excellent prototypes with high functionality and performance. By combining the latest CNC milling and turning processes with our in-house, proprietary technology, you too can harness our reputation of quality to make all your high-precision, on-demand prototypes on the go!

What is CNC Prototyping?

CNC prototyping involves the use of CNC machining services to fabricate high-quality prototypes. The process utilizes the 3D model embedded in the CAD design to make parts from a solid block of material through a computer-aided tool’s cutting or milling actions. Every motion of the CNC machine is dictated by the machine G-codes so that the tool path and action of the machine aim to replicate the loaded CAD design in the solid workpiece.

Unlike other prototyping methods, prototype CNC machining emphasizes prototype appearance, aesthetics, performance, and functionality. When you choose CNC machining prototypes, you opt for the high level of precision that will ensure your prototype is suitable for the rigors of mechanical testing, empowering you with an avenue to have a holistic evaluation of your product and concept before proceeding with mass production.

Our CNC prototyping provides material versatility to enable clients to prototype in materials with properties identical to those for mass production and low-volume customization for exploring modifications and variations in versions. With CNC-machined prototypes, engineers can identify potential problems, geometric challenges, or functional issues, all of which enable manufacturers to make necessary before mass manufacturing.

Custom CNC Rapid Prototypes

Another advantage all clients can enjoy with CNC machining services and rapid CNC prototyping is taking greater control over the exact types of parts to create. Our CNC rapid prototype allows you to develop proprietary designs and infuse purpose-built turn-key ideas into the production of your prototypes.

Custom CNC machine prototyping allows for unparalleled customization across every faucet of prototyping. Need machined parts with special features or intricate geometries in small volumes? Opt for Custom CNC prototyping and personalize features such as material, geometry, abrasion-resistance texture, color, finish, and much more into your prototypes.

What Can We Do for You?

At Premium Parts, our custom CNC prototype services cover a wide variety of services. In particular, our CNC prototyping can benefit players in any industry, including aviation, automotive, architecture, construction, aerospace, medical, food processing, and just about anything else that requires high-precision prototypes with exemplary delivery of details. Using CNC prototype service is of immense benefit in industries where the capital requirements of R&D are enormous. Our services are honed to help mitigate the risk of time-consuming and costly mistakes and the consequences of getting them wrong in competitive markets.

Our CNC prototyping is equally viable for low-volume production and bridge manufacturing before mass production. Whether you require 100 or 1000 units, Premium Parts cuts the need for upfront tooling to deliver multiple pieces of quality and highly repeatable parts through our on-demand technology.

CNC Materials

Please choose from our different engineering-grade thermoplastics, stainless steels, and metal alloys to make high-quality prototypes with our CNC capabilities.

• Stainless steel

• Aluminum alloys

• Alloy steel

• Copper, brass, and bronze

• Plastic

• Titanium

Rapid CNC Prototype Surface Finishes

Explore our array of surface finishes to compliment your CNC machined prototypes’ beauty, aesthetics, protection, and functionality.

• Anodizing

• Painting

• Brushing

• Polishing

• Electroplating

• Media blasting

• Powder coating

• Engraving / marking

Partner with Us and Enjoy Stellar Results

At Premium Parts, our primary concern is maximizing the quality of all our products. We will work with you every step of your product development cycle to ensure that your prototyping needs are satisfactorily addressed. We go to extra lengths to ensure that your parts are made to perfection and optimize lead times to guarantee that your CNC prototype is delivered to you on time and as specified. From start to finish, we give all our clients and prototype projects the outcomes they deserve through a phenomenal user experience and an individualized approach to every project.

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